About Me

Luna Foster is a passionate and avid hound dog enthusiast. She loves learning more about the different breeds, their unique characteristics, and their history.

Luna Foster is a devoted Dachshund owner. She grew up as an avid reader, diving into books about the breed’s behavior, health, and care. After years of dreaming about owning her own pack of Dachshunds, Luna took the plunge and now lives happily with two of them.

In addition to being a loving pet parent, Luna shares her expertise through her blog. She often posts about training and caring for Dachshunds, as well as providing advice on what kind of food to feed them. Her goal is to give readers the information they need to give their furry friends the best possible life.

Luna also loves interacting with the Dachshund community, both online and off. She attends events and meetups to chat about her beloved pets whenever she can. After all, where else can a group of people dedicated to one type of dog find each other?

No matter what she’s doing, Luna Foster’s enthusiasm for Dachshunds is always evident. She’s committed to ensuring that all pups get the love and care they deserve—and she’s doing it one blog post at a time.